NORDIC SPACE – endlessness and freethinking


Nordic Space, this spring’s trend theme features an open mind free of anxiety. It includes rather than excludes and presents a stage for expressionism. Artistic influences are moving into our homes and craftsmanship is the new designer item.

Three trends
: reduced simplification and purity meets natural materials with archaic forms.
Milk & Flowers: appealing volumes and innovation moves into our homes.

Astronautica: a graphically pure and luxurious theme where outer space meets marine influences.

Key words
Space, freethinking, sphere, endlessness and permissive. The expression is personal and experiments with tactile surfaces, patterns and various techniques. At the same time, the form is in many cases reduced and exquisite.

The color scheme continues to build on the fall’s blue and red line, which is watered down and now becomes a lot brighter with the addition of space gray nuances. The expression is clinical, fresh and sporty but also very warm.

Hard, solid materials with flowing, folded, perforated edges that create soft effects. Mirror glass, colored glass, stainless steel, plastic and colored concrete. 3D print and merging shades create an illusion of softness.

“We see major interior design companies in many different exciting collaborations with famous design brands, but also with smaller craft studios, with the aim of finding a personal touch for their range of products. The desire for a unique expression allows considerable room for creativity but places high demands on materials, patterns and techniques in order to be able to manufacture the product,” explains Christina Olsson, Event Manager at Formex.



Om Formex

Formex - the largest meeting place for Nordic interior design, details and gifts. Formex started in 1960 and is held twice a year, in the beginning of January and in the end of August. We have more than 800 exhibitors per fair with products within interior design, fashion and accessories etc. The fair brings together national and international buyers, agents, designers, producers and media from all over the interior design and gifts industry. Each fair we have over 23,000 visitors and about 800 media representatives. Besides the opportunity to do business, the fair gives visitors information about trends, inspiration and knowledge in the form of exhibitions and lectures.
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